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Lufaha arabice mandragora que et iabroah dicitur ut supra.


et om. j

iabroah ACD p | Iabroha f | uabroha j | Iabroha f | iabrot B | jabroal ms. e


Lufaha is Arabic for Latin mandragora, which is also named iabroah, as mentioned above {see Iabrocha}.


Wehr (1976): ﻟﻔﺎﺡ /luffāḥ/ "mandrake (Mandragora officinarum; bot.)".
Siggel (1950): ﻳﻳﺭﻮﺡ /yabrūḥ/ "Wz. v. Mandragora officinarum; ... Alraunwurzel", {"root of M. officinarum, mandrake root"}.
Renaud & Colin (1934: 93) in their commentary to the Tuḥfat al-aḥbāb glossary, entry “207. Yabrũḥ Mandragore” state that ﻟﻔﺎﺡ /luffāḥ/ is generally the name for the fruit of the mandrake whereas ﻳﻳﺭﻮﺡ /yabrūḥ/ is used for the whole plant or most often for the root.

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