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Karbech arabice eleborus.


In B this entry is not rubricated, but is part of the section headworded Karatĩ
Karbech ABC jp | Kharbech f | Karchech ms. e
elleborus | ell's ms. p


Karbech is Arabic for Latin eleborus {"hellebore"}.


Wehr (1976): ﺧﺮﺑﻕ /ḫarbaq/ "hellebore (bot.)".

Siggel (1950: 32): ﺧﺮﺑﻕ /ḫarbaq/ 1) /ḫ. abyaḍ/, Veratrum album (Lil.). {i.e. "false helleborine or white hellebore"}. 2) /ḫ. aswad/ e. Helleborus (Ranuncul.); {i.e. "one of the hellebores"} 3) Kurkuma-Wz.{i.e. "turmeric rhizome"}; 4) vgl. /ḥarbaq/ {cf. Siggel, 1950: 28: cf. ﺣﺮﺑﻕ /ḥarbaq/, i. Spanien: Mercurialis annua (Euphorb.); {i.e. "in Spain: annual mercury plant"}.

Botanical identification:

The exact botanical identification is difficult, because Greece and the Balkans have the largest number of species of the genus Helleborus. But it could also be a species related or only seen to be related to the hellebores; cf. Siggel’s multiple meanings associated with /ḫarbaq/. Out of his 4 meanings ﺧﺮﺑﻕ ﺍﺒﻳﺾ /ḫarbaq abyaḍ/ is calqued on Greek ἑλλέβορος λευκóς /helléboros leukós/ "white hellebore", Veratrum album L. [[1]]; and ﺧﺮﺑﻕ ﺍﺳﻮﺩ /ḫarbaq aswad/, calqued on ἑλλέβορος μέλας /helléboros mélas/ "{lit. "black} hellebore, perh. Helleborus orientalis" Lam. [[2]], [[3]], [[4]]; cf. LSJ.

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