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Iergir arabice eruca.


Iergir AC ef | Ieurgir B

{eruca} al’ iergir add. B


Iergir is Arabic for Latin eruca {"rocket, Eruca sativa Mill."}.


Siggel (1950: 25): ﺟﺮﺟﻴﺮ /ğarğīr, ğirğīr/ Brassica eruca (Crucif.), Rauke… {i.e. "salad rocket"}.

Simon's transcription of the Arabic word with initial "i" is an attempt to express the affricate pronunciation of /ğarğīr/, i.e. the initial and final sound in English judge; in the spelling of Italian in Simon's time this sound would have been written as "i", e.g. iorno "day", but today: giorno.

See also: Eruca, Euzomum, Gergir, Girgir

Wilf Gunther 01/12/13

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